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Here are some photos from the Vintage race at Elkhart Lake Wisconsin in 2008
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Formula 5000 Reunion, Scarab Cars, The Shadow Car

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Racing Photos from years past.....

Racing Audio....

I have finally finsihed converting reel-to-reel tapes to the computer. The audio is not perfect. There are some races that the ending is not there and there are some races that may be mislabeled. I did my best to go through them and listen to each one to make sure it was labeled correctly. If you find any that are not, please email me and let me know. I will be glad to fix it. Also, there are some that I couldn't figure out the year, if you can, please email me and I will be glad to fix it! And finally, I encluded some audio that isn't of racing but from shows that were taped. All the tapes are from the late 60's and early 70's. Most of the programs were recorded from TV boradcasts. If this is violating anytype of laws please let me know and i will remove them. The sole purpose of putting them on the website is for people to listen and enjoy. By know means should you copy these or try to sell them. Just enjoy them!!!!

1965 Daytona Continental 2000KM 19.0 MB
33_Men_500_Miles.mp3 45.1 MB
500_Fever_Not sure what year.mp3 43.4 MB
1966 Daytona.mp3 23.7 MB
1966 GP_Races_Recap.mp3 4.74 MB
1966 Indy 500 Highlights.mp3 28.0 MB
1966_British Grand_Prix.mp3 23.0 MB
1966_Indy500_International500.mp3 44.7 MB
1966_Indy500_International500COMPLETE RACE.mp3 44.5 MB
1966_Riverside GPCanAm.mp3 38.8 MB
1967 CanAm Season Recap.mp3 29.6 MB
1967 Indy 500_22 minutes_INCOMPLETE.mp3 39.7 MB
1967 Sports Car Recap.mp3 41.5 MB
1967_500_Fever_With_Larry_Neuzel.mp3 49.4 MB
1967_Academy Awards.mp3 73.9 MB
1967_Auto_Racing_Highlights.mp3 42.7 MB
1967_Cirlce_of_Racing.mp3 67.8 MB
1967_Daytona100.mp3 31.3 MB
1967_Racing Recap.mp3 67.8 MB
1967_Rex_Mays.mp3 28.0 MB
1967_Riverside Race.mp3 44.7 MB
1967_RiverSide Race1.mp3 28.0 MB
1967_Springfield_VERY POOR QUALITY.mp3 42.6 MB
1967_The quiet Revolution INDY500.mp3 44.3 MB
1967_Trenton150.mp3 63.0 MB
1967_War in the skies.mp3 93.6 MB
1968 Atlanta Stock Car Race.mp3 44.7 MB
1968 Indy 500 Recap.mp3 44.6 MB
1968_8-17_Springfield_IL_100_Mile_Race_BAD QUALITY.mp3 131 MB
1968_500_Fever.mp3 45.2 MB
1968_Academy_Awards.mp3 90.5 MB
1968_Indy500COMPLETE RACE.mp3 231 MB
1968_Indy500RACE RECAP number 2.mp3 52.2 MB
1968_Trenton150 Two races on the track.mp3 25.1 MB
1969 Indy 500.mp3 359 MB
1969_5-29_500_Miles_to_go.mp3 53.3 MB
1969_9-6_Hoosier100.mp3 97.1 MB
1969-7-19_Trenton200.mp3 111 MB
1969-7-19Dad speaking.mp3 931 KB
1970_3-2_Phoenix_150.mp3 179 MB
1970_3-28_Phoenix150.mp3 146 MB
1970_4-26_Rachel_Welch.mp3 121 MB
1970_4-26_Trenton200_Not great quality.mp3 144 MB
1970_6-7_Milwaukee150.mp3 177 MB
1970_6-14_Langhorn150.mp3 117 MB
1970_6-28_Continental_Divide150.mp3 118 MB
1970_9-12_Hoosier100.mp3 119 MB
1970_Challenger WLEX18_Program.mp3 44.3 MB
1970_Phoenix150.mp3 97.6 MB
1971_3-27_Phoenix150.mp3 76.3 MB
1971_6-5_GP of Monaco.mp3 81.5 MB
1971_6-6_Milwaukee 150.mp3 119 MB
1971_6-12_EldoraSprints_.mp3 61.9 MB
1971_7-3_Pocono500.mp3 119 MB
1971_10-9_Trenton300.mp3 53.4 MB
1971_10-23_Phoenix150.mp3 64.3 MB
1971_INDY500COMPLETE.mp3 131 MB
1972 Phoenix 150.mp3 79.4 MB
1972_2-19_Daytone_500.mp3 53.1 MB
1972_2-20_A Checkered Second with Jackie Stewart CanAm Luguna Seca.mp3 39.6 MB
1972_2-27_One_Tough_Texan_AJ Foyt.mp3 41.0 MB
1972_3-5_Ontario500_StcokCarRaceDoesNotHaveEndOfRace.mp3 78.8 MB
1972_3-18_Phoenix150.mp3 148 MB
1972_4-16_Last_12hrs_of_Sebring.mp3 26.8 MB
1972_4-23_Trenton200.mp3 117 MB
1972_9-9_Hoosier100.mp3 119 MB
1972_Indy500TimeTrials.mp3 95.0 MB
1973_10-13_Hoosier100.mp3 53.3 MB
1973indycomplete.mp3 110 MB
1974 6_30_Pocono 500.mp3 84.3 MB
1974_3-10_Ontario500.mp3 140 MB
1974_3-17_Phoenix150.mp3 114 MB
1974_4_7_Trenton200.mp3 112 MB
1974_6-8_GP of Monaco.mp3 110 MB
1974_11-2_Arizona150.mp3 98.1 MB
1975_3-16_Phoenix150.mp3 91.9 MB
1975_4-6_Trenton200.mp3 117 MB
1975_GrandPrix_Overview.mp3 42.9 MB
1975_October_WatkinsGlenGP.mp3 24.9 MB
1976_3-14_Pheonix150.mp3 121 MB
1976_9-18_Michigan150.mp3 48.5 MB
1976_11-7_Phoenix150 NOT GOOD QUALITY.mp3 87.3 MB
1977_Ontario_California.mp3 83.0 MB
1977_Phoenix150.mp3 75.7 MB
1978_9-23_Trenton150.mp3 92.4 MB
1978_10-7_WatkinsGlenGP.mp3 67.7 MB
1978_10-28_Phoenix150.mp3 92.4 MB
1979_4-22_Atlanta125.mp3 3.11 MB
1979_5-27_MonacoGP.mp3 51.1 MB
About Vietnam War.mp3 90.6 MB
Atlanta500_Stock_Car-RaceAndNation Champ Race.mp3 39.7 MB
Daytona_Car_and_Track.mp3 29.6 MB
Getting_Home_First_The_F1_Life_of_Jackie_Stewart.mp3 33.5 MB
Grand Prix Music PART2.mp3 112 MB
Grand Prix Music.mp3 112 MB
Herb_Albert and the tiawana Brass.mp3 73.5 MB
Herb_Alpert.mp3 91.6 MB
Humphry_Bogart.mp3 63.1 MB
Indy not sure what year.another part. Another.mp3 64.3 MB
Indy not sure what year.another part.mp3 53.4 MB
Kraft_And_Dean_Martin.mp3 118 MB
LA_Times_Sports_Car_Race_Incomplete_Race.mp3 11.5 MB
Larry_Neuzel_Racing_Dialog.mp3 327 KB
LLoyd Ruby 1971.mp3 8.99 MB
Los_Angeles_Times_Sports_Cars_Not_Sure_The_Year_Incomplete.mp3 27.8 MB
misc races_bad_Quality.mp3 359 MB
miscraces.mp3 46.5 MB
Music and about Hawaii.mp3 19.7 MB
Music.mp3 121 MB
Music1.mp3 117 MB
Music3.mp3 116 MB
Music4.mp3 116 MB
Music5.mp3 11.2 MB
Music6.mp3 31.3 MB
Not sure what yr or race_POOR Quality.mp3 21.4 MB
Not sure_Movie files. 1967.mp3 49.4 MB
Once_Upon a_Wheel_Formula_A_Lex_Ohio.mp3 14.6 MB
Our Time In Hell_Lee_MarvinWW2.mp3 92.4 MB
Rachel.mp3 118 MB
Shape of the future.mp3 26.6 MB
Trenton150- Not sure what year.mp3 25.1 MB
Trenton150_not sure what year.mp3 50.2 MB

1963 Indy 500 Audio
Side A
Side B
Great Moments from the Indy 500
Side A
Side B
Watkins Glenn 1963 1963
Grand Prix of the United States
Watkins Glenn, New York
Side A
Side B

All the below audio was record by Larry for his personal use.